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We like to take advantage of all the great activities that Simi Valley and the surrounding areas have to offer for ourselves and our kiddos. We create a calendar each month that includes a variety of events and activities for a wide range of age and skill levels. Most of our activities are scheduled during the day when at-home moms need support the most. If you spend time with your kid(s) during the day, then we have a lot of activities for you to participate in! Moms can choose which activities they would like to attend, and anyone can schedule an event for the upcoming month. The majority of our events occur Monday - Friday, giving you plenty of family time on the weekend, although occasionally we have family events on weekends. Our calendar is hosted through the Meetup app, making it easy for members to view event details and RSVP to events. Below are some of the events that fill our calendar.

Child-Friendly Activities

  • Park Play - We schedule many park days where the kids can run, play, and enjoy snacks, giving moms a chance to talk and enjoy some time outside. These are scheduled both in the morning and in the afternoon (after school) to accommodate all schedules.

  • Age-Specific Play Groups - Playdates designed specifically for different age groups such as Busy Babies and Tots & Twos.

  • Field Trips - We enjoy monthly outings to local places for little to no cost to our families, where kids get to participate on many levels in the activities. Examples include trips to the farm, the zoo, nearby gardens, farmer's market, fire and police stations, and many more. 

  • Fit Mom Workouts - Our member-led workouts are a great way for moms to get some exercise while the kids play. Fit Mom events include workouts at a park, stroller walks, hikes, and more.

  • Parties & Holiday Celebrations - Together we celebrate all the major holidays like Valentine's Day, Easter, and Halloween, as well as the minor ones like National Pizza Day and Dr. Seuss Day.

  • Lunch Bunch - A monthly trip to eat lunch at a restaurant is fun for everyone and great practice for the kiddos at life skills.

  • Monthly Business Meeting - Our business meetings are open to all members and potential members. Here you can find out about current happenings in the club, plan and vote on events and projects, chat with other moms, and discuss club issues. Children are always welcome for an informal playgroup.

  • Service & Community Projects - We perform at least one community service project per year. These service projects benefit mothers and/or children in or around Simi Valley and neighboring Ventura County Communities. Examples of past service projects include volunteering at a local foster care donation center, collecting and donating toys for children for Christmas, and a back-to-school supplies drive for a local youth foster center.  

MOMS ONLY Activities
MOMS Club Simi Valley offers a variety of activities for you to enjoy, occasionally without the kids. 

  • Moms' Night Out - Moms just need to get out every once in a while and enjoy the friendships that we are creating. Join us for our monthly evening outings where we get to hang out, relax, and not have to chase after little ones.

  • Book Club - Moms are welcome to participate in our monthly book club meetings and share your thoughts on the selected books. You don't have to read the book to join in the fun! 

  • Virtual Speaker Events - We have a library for our members where they have access to the recorded conversations with guest speakers offering knowledge and advice about mom and family related issues. As a member, you are able to watch (and re-watch) as many speaker events as you would like from the comfort of your own home and at the time most convenient for you. 

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